interior | Design + Visualization : FF | Savona . IT | 2018

Until not long ago PINK was considered a sugary color, vain and even a little 'snap. Now, finally not anymore related to a precise gender, has been rediscovered as “one among the most relaxing, anti-stress and even able to overcome gender differences color”.
True symbol of power of the new generation; - thus not frivolous, but nice, however authentic and extremely fluid - Millennials pink reflects a switch in conceiving the relations between users and spaces.
Here declined in its shade of Pale Dogwood, the choice of the color has been the first designing act, therefore influencing the following choices.
The succession of arcs - aligned in a single perspective - frames the bathroom as a scenography, a true celebration of the place of the body care. The bath itself, reachable through a step, is elevated as a stage within this intimate metaphor to live in the daily routine.